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Drive Medical-Bella Vita- Bath Lift

Cape Town, South Africa

Our best selling bath lift!
The Bella Vita by Drive Medical is lightweight, affordable and reliable
The versatile unit boasts some of the best specifications on the market today.

The bath lift has been carefully designed with the help of nursing professionals to form what we know as one of the best bath lifters in today’s market.
Whilst focusing on compacting all the necessary features into one super versatile unit, the intelligent design allows for the unit to keep it’s modern flare which most desire from a unit like the Bella Vita.
To this day, it is still one of the lightest bath lifts on the market. Weighing in at around 9.3kg the Bella Vita Bath Lifter can be stored or even transported on holiday with the greatest of ease.
With an integrated Lithium battery pack, it allows the unit to be taken wherever you may need to go. Being airline approved, the sky is the limit with the Bella Vita Bath Lift.

The simple yet clean and modern design of the Bellavita bath lifts go hand in hand with its industry leading specifications.
One of the lowest height adjustment among the leading electric bath lifts on the market today, the Bellavita seat can be lowered as far down as 6cm!
Adjusting to a maximum seat height of 48cm, allowing the unit to reach a convenient height in order for its use on almost every bath tub.
That’s not all … for those of you who like to enjoy a relaxing bath, the Bellavita can recline to an amazing 50 degrees, with one simple push of a button.

Bella Vita Bath Lift Specifications:

  • Weight of unit: 9.3kg (Lightest on the market)
  • Height range: 6 to 48cm (Market leader in height-adjustment)
  • Backrest reclines to 50° (Market leader in reclining adjustment)
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Lightweight floating remote control
  • Washable coves for hygiene purposes
  • Hygiene recess
  • Maximum user weight: 140kg



0 out of 5
Total Sales: 0 Total Listing: 29