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Hiking Gear Business

Centurion, South Africa
Operating Business

This business supplies hiking gear for a wide range of hiking trail types. The business is located in a busy street in a prominent part of Centurion. The shop name is clearly visible from the street and there are street pole adverts on a busy major road near the shop. It also has a website and Facebook page that announces specials and promotes hiking events. The business has a month to month lease and can be relocated to anywhere in Gauteng.

The business was established 26 years ago by the owner who has become a hiking professional over the years due to the number and level of difficulty of the trails they have been on. It started from humble beginnings as a means to provide hiking gear for other hiking enthusiasts, but has grown over the years to a destination shop for those who are really serious about hiking. Customers not only go there to buy hiking goods, but they go there because they know they will be receiving the right gear for the right trail.

If you read Getaway Magazine or visit or you will realize that there is quite a huge hiking market in South Africa. According to the owner the demographics in the market have also changed over the last decade as the outdoor activity is more popularized by initiatives such the famous Trek4Mandela by the Imbumba Foundation and that the activity has become more affordable to many. There is a new wave of hikers coming and the new owner should ride it.

The owner would like to pursue her calling of motivational speaking and traveling the world. The owner is also relocating to Cape Town.

Location Centurion
Ref. No : 2674
Year Established : 1994
No. of Employees : 2
Trading Hours : 8:00 – 17:00 (SAT 8:00 – 15:00)
Lease Term : Month to Month
Turnover : R 195 000 pm
Expenses : R 64 000 pm
Net Profit : R 34 000 pm
Asset Value : R 100 000
Stock Value : R 995 000






Renwick Business Brokers
Renwick Business Brokers
0 out of 5
Total Sales: 0 Total Listing: 69