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Low Price Sales Mobile Welding Station Equipment 132kw PMHY125

China Town Mall, Midrand, Old Pretoria Road, Halfway House Estate, Midrand, South Africa

l Hydro-static driven gives enough power for traveling on even more grade slope of the job site.
l Track counter rotation on the spot give more maneuverable operation of the tractor.
l High ground clearance and low ground pressure allows working in any type of tough conditions.
l Equipped the Cummins 6BTA5.9-C series diesel engine.
l High quality and easy maintenance, ensuring sustained power output for the welding procedure demand.
l Enlarge cooling system and cold area starter device can be install while using in the tropical or frozen area.
l Through a direct-drive mode from the engine,Stanford generator is employed for the pay welder’s generating system.
l The generator is bush-less maintenance free type ensuring a longevity of optimal performance.
l American Sauer hydraulic system is installed in the equipment for power both the travelling of tractor and crane operation.
l Pump is directly connected to the drive train after the engine and generator.
l Power source form the generating system is controlled and distributed at the electrical cabinet.
l The cabinet is water proof and equipped with a big area of shatterproof glass for clear and easy reading of the volt, ampere and
frequency meters.
l Emergency breaker is standard equip of this unit for the people and equipment’s safety.
l Big room space, max glass area gives the operator comfortable operating condition.
l Lever controls of both the traveling and crane in the cabin.
l Safety switch equipment at the side of the driver’s seat to prevents tractor from running during the generating work.
l The HIAB seris hydraulic crane is mounted onto the tractor for lifting the welding tent and other welding accessories.
l Crane operation can be arranged both inside and outside the cabin.
l The cover of the payerlder is designed for easy maintenance.
l We have prepared a thoughtful packing solution for land transportation and sea transportation.

0 out of 5
Total Sales: 0 Total Listing: 6