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Mining Machine GBZ Series

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GBZ Apron feeder
GBZ Heavy Duty Apron Feeder is a kind of equipment to transport various bulk materials. The Plate Feeder has been up to the level of international like product. It can feed materials evenly and continuously and the plate structure adopting double round lamination is unique in home market at present.

Apron feeder can widely used
Apron feeder is a continuous transportation machine widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, coal chemical industry, port and industrial and mining enterprises. As a main storage silo or hopper into the crusher, rotary batching apparatus or transport equipment, continuous and uniform supply and bulk material transport all kinds of bulk weight and abrasion of. It is one of the important and necessary equipment in the processing and continuous production process of ore and raw materials.

Our apron feeder features
Most start non load, the basic almost no overload phenomenon, sometimes it start with the rated load, the hopper can load up to 70t coal at most;
It requires zero speed starting, speed can adjust between 0~0.6 m/min, can be manually controlled slow acceleration or
deceleration, it can operation stable under the speed keep 0.3-0.5m/min
The external load is basically stable under stable operation, less impact;
The ambient temperature is low, large dust.

–It has high tension.
–The track ensures its stable performance.
–Excellent adaptability, the temperature, moisture and the environment have little or no effect on it
–Easy to operate, long service life and easy to maintain.

0 out of 5
Total Sales: 0 Total Listing: 6