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Ripple Mattress – Alternating Pressure – M10

Cape Town, South Africa

The M10 Alternating Pressure Mattress

The M10 is the most advanced system in the Primacare alternating pressure care mattress range. The multi-mode pump is not only offering alternating pressure redistribution, but also has a static mode with constant low-pressure reduction. In alternating mode, the pressure is periodically redistributed by inflating and deflating cells in order to mimic natural sleep movement patterns and avoid long term pressurization of tissue. In constant static modus the pressure is about 2/3rd lowered when compared to the same pressure level from alternating mode by the means of immersion and envelopment. With visual alarms to notify the caregiver of unusual situation, the system is an ideal product to reduce the risk of human error and suitable for the prevention and treatment of all stages of pressure ulcers.

How does the M10 Alternating Pressure Mattress work?

The mattress achieves this by inflating and deflating the pockets of air ,that make up the mattress, in a regulating pattern. This offers pressure relief as well as improving air circulation that are significantly linked to bedsores.

Alternating Pressure Care Mattress - M8 - alternating pressure chart

Alternating function
(Group A and Group B as shown in the picture above)
The pump will be inflate and deflate every other cell in order to relieve contact between the patient and lying surface. This promotes blood circulation and assists in the prevention and recovery of bedsores, formally known as pressure-ulcers.
The mattress is also installed with a pillow functionality, the cells of the head region will stay inflated in order to provide utmost comfort for the patient.
(Group C as shown in the picture above)

M10 Alternating Pressure Mattress Features:

  • Decreases danger of pressure sores
  • Individual pockets and/or cells
  • Cells alternate in pressure continuously
  • Complete mattress replacement system:
    No need for a mattress underneath as the bottom cells act as basic pressure support base.
  • Nylon PU Cover with cotton lining:
    Biocompatibility, vapour permeable, water resistant and flame retardant (CA1117).
  • Complete all-around zipper
    Helps reduce unwanted fluid from entering in the cover and can be removed for ease of cleaning.
  • Ventilate low-air-loss cells:
    Helps reduce moisture.
  • CPR strap:
    Quickly deflate mattress in the case of an emergency
  • Spring loaded tubes:
    Tubes are lined with a spring system to prevent unwanted kinks or bends in order to maintain consistent air-flow.
  • Anti-slip elasticated strap:
    Keeps mattress in place and prevents movement.
  • Quick connector:
    Easy to use connection, allows one to connect the pump with mattress quickly and easily.
  • Transport cap:
    Allows the mattress air to be sealed and fixed in static mode, for transportation and/or transfer purposes.
  • Home or Hospital use
  • High quality Pump:
    Equipped with air-pressure adjustment, static mode and low pressure alarm functions.
  • 125mm TPU Nylon Cell material
  • Suitable for bed ridden patients
  • Fits most hospital beds
  • Individual cells can be replaced
  • 1 Free spare cell included

M10 Alternating Pressure Mattress Specifications:

  • Dimensions – lying surface:
  • Cell Height:
    8″ | 22cm
  • Cell & Base Material:
    Nylon PU with cotton lining
  • Cell Material:
    TPU Nylon
  • Number of Cells:
    20 cells, 1 free spare
  • Mattress System:
    Complete mattress replacement
  • Pressure Ulcer Care. up to stage:
    I, II & III
  • Weight Support:
  • Dimensions – pump:
  • Electrical:
    AC 110/220V | 50/60Hz
  • Air Output:
    7-8 L/min
  • Pressure Range:
  • Synchronous pump:
    Made in Taiwan
  • Alternating:
    1 in 2
  • Warranty:
    12 Months
0 out of 5
Total Sales: 0 Total Listing: 29